Spritz offer tap served cocktails for parties and events. They have a unique brand that they wanted to convert into a digital identity across a new website, photography and animations.



The team at Spritz Bar were looking for a new website and a refresh of their digital identity. With a custom designed, hand built Italian style cocktail cart central to their business, they needed a digital presence that was equally unique. They wanted a different feel to traditional event caterers, in their words..."modern and playful, rather than a bar you’d find mom at at weddings".

The brief was as follows;

  • Overhaul of their digital identity, including new website design and photography
  • Clear information for making bookings, getting in contact and what they offer
  • Creating a link between their website and social feeds through photography


We started by looking at the imagery that felt right for Spritz and the users they were targeting. Using their cart as an initial reference point; a big bold block of orange, covered with their logo and vintage fonts. The colour is central to their branding, we took this and used it across the site, with the menu button, drinks list, social links, arrows and all notable signifiers highlighted in orange.

The Spritz team are into vintage photography and illustrations. We found the typeface "Lust" for all the headings. This font had the perfect "Wish You Were Here" postcard feel to it. To give the site an element of play and in-keeping with the vintage visuals of the brand, I built some custom animations. Most noticeably is the menu button; using their olive cocktail stick it rotates as you scroll down the page, before becoming a parallel close button once you click it. Midway down the page I added a circling "COCKTAILS-ON-TAP" animation, referencing retro stickers and advertising.

Vintage Animations

To portray the atmosphere of an event with Spritz, we did what all hardworking/dedicated entrepreneurs would do; invited some friends over on a sunny day for cocktails and took photos of it. Keeping the photos light, unposed really captured the energy of their service. Spritz wanted to appeal to laidback clients - DIY events in the garden rather than formal dinners.

To tie the photos into the aesthetics of the brand imagery, I used vintage photography as a reference point in the edits. Lots of grain, highly saturated colours (especially in the reds/oranges), natural light and a soft focus. This style of photography works as a base for their social media and keeps the feel of the digital brand going forward.

Still Life Aperols

We found that users responded well to the imagery as a means of portraying the expectations of making a booking and didn't need too much in terms of copy. With this in mind we kept the information very simple, an introduction to the brand, an example of the seasonal drinks they offer, straight forward contact options and a bit of background on the founders (for those who felt it was important for trust when booking).

Responsive Layout


We hit the main aims of the brief, in particular creating a unique digital identity for the Spritz Bar brand with clear to find information for users. The website stands apart from their competitors. The photography has become and reference point for their imagery and digital assets going forward as well as providing source material for all marketing going forward.