Busby & Goodfellows

I worked with Busby & Goodfellow's to create a website for their Little Barbershop. Using a custom built Wordpress theme we worked on a streamlined user flow, built an online shop and kept the communication analog.

Busby & Goodfellows


Busby & Goodfellow's is a barbershop with a lot of personality who pride themselves of being at the centre of a community made up of regular customers and like minded people. Harry and Luke are front and centre of the shop, offering their clients good conversation throughout their cuts. The shop is full of memorabilia, collectibles and their best finds from vintage fairs. The challenge was to translate this physical space into a website. We put this criteria together for the site;

  • To retain the feel and the atmosphere of the barbershop, while appealing to new customers
  • Research the information to display on the site.
  • The site shouldn't need too much updating, they're a small business who don't have the time to be spending managing and updating a website.


The first design hurdle was working out a way of presenting the site that felt right for their brand, but was also useful to newcomers as an introduction to them. During early conversation with the Harry and Luke about the site copy, we had the idea of including a writing by Luke's dad as an introduction. His dad's writing combined as the first information you get when entering the site, it offers a great insight into their humour and the personality of the business.

Here's an extract;

"When these two first met, it would be fanciful to talk of fate or destiny in the manner of, say, Lennon & McCartney’s first meeting or the colliding of stars that ended up as Morecambe & Wise. A Yin finding its Yang? Hardly. When two barbers meet it will never be an inter-galactic encounter, but when two blokes meet – two blokes who happen to be men of hair – it can be said that chords were struck and the humour was unanimous."

Our next step was to work on the function of the site. They used a simple and reliable booking system in the barbershop; a phone and a physical diary. It was clear a digital booking system wouldn't be beneficial for their working experience . The most potential I could offer to improve their interaction with their clients was to map out and streamline the user journey.

We mapped out two user profiles; new customers looking locally for a haircut and regular customers who needed to quickly get in contact with them. We had good information on what new customers would be looking for on information that they'd requested when phoning or visiting the site. Using this data we prioritised styles of cuts offered, prices for those cuts and then opening time. When asking regular customers for their main requirements for the site we found they'd mainly be looking for contact information, but would also be interested in finding out more about the business.

With all this in mind I arranged all the main information on a single page which offers a simple user flow. Both new and regular customers can quickly find the required information by scrolling down the site, or by clicking the navbar links which will scroll you directly to the required information. We wanted users to be able to access information as quickly as possible.

As their previous site was running on Wordpress, a content management system they were both comfortable with we stuck with that. I built a custom design to work with Wordpress so they weren't stuck in a theme that lacked the personality of the barbershop. We decided to also use the site as a store for their merchandise. A barbershop selling caps is not only a good display of their humour but also a sign of the community that wants to support them. Managing their own CMS they can manage their own products and expand that section as their merchandise expands.


The project has been really successful, uses responded to the changes well and the site ranks well on local searches. During the lockdown this year, advice on hairdressing changed frequently so we added a landing page to explain the latest changes and most recently to explain the rules of customers visiting Busby & Goodfellow's. It was apparent that this was going to be the information that most users would be looking for and we wanted to show this as clearly as possible. We also created a newsletter for them to circulate these updates which quickly became popular with regular clients.