Welcome to The Content People! Firstly, hello and thanks for visiting! I think a good place to start is to talk about what we do at The Content People. So here goes...

The Content People originated from my husbands company, Dan Walker Photography. Dan has been photographing weddings and events for a few years now, but alongside this he does photography and videos for businesses. This can be anything from capturing images of food, architecture, portraits of business owners and their staff and a whole host of others things.


Dan, being the super multi-talented guy that he is, can also make some pretty smart websites. So naturally these two things merged and he started making websites full of his fantastic images and videos.

Keeping up with modern day technology is exhausting. I struggle with it. And I am one person – with a private account and a few followers who, lets face it, couldn’t really care less if I post yet another photo of my (beautiful) baby and (gorgeous) puppy dog. So I really don’t envy businesses who now have to rely on a constant updated social media feed to keep their name out there.The Content People exists for a modern company, or even just a company who hasn’t got the time to constantly find content for their website, Twitter account, Instagram feed, Facebook account and so on.


Dans ability lies in capturing moments you didn’t even know were important until you look back at the footage and it takes you right back there. Dan has managed to transfer this skill to make beautiful content that works for big and small businesses.

He has captured images and video footage of a whole magnitude of different events, architectural photos for large hotel chains, delicious meals at big restaurants and small cafes, staff portraits where you actually look attractive and I’m convinced he could make a board room meeting look like a party you wouldn’t want to miss.

My obviously biased praise aside, the long and short of what The Content People does is to offer bespoke content packages to suit your business. These packages can include photographs, videos, websites and a combination of all these things to work beautifully in harmony with your social media feed. It’s a business designed to make your life easier.


So if you want more info, or just fancy a chat (or a picture of my beautiful baby and/or gorgeous dog) drop us an email at: